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Start Your Own Mastermind!

Would you like to start your OWN Mastermind Group? The power of the group is like no other. Getting things done, bonding with like-minded people on the same path and being inspired are just a few things waiting for you.

If you are called to leadership and want to do this for your personal growth or for your business to offer group work, it is totally doable. 

I have 2 packages to help your through this journey, one is fully digital: purchase & download. The other is all of the digital, plus mentorship/coaching with me to help guide you, answer your questions along the way and provide feedback to bring you the highest success.

ROCK Your Mastermind Digital Package

This is a fully digital download including audio classes that walk you through creating your own Mastermind. I guide you through essentials, considerations and practical tools for setting up your very own group. 

Here is a breakdown of the package:

*2 Audio Classes

           -What Is A Mastermind and Why Do I Need One? 

A 53 minute class giving you the history of Masterminds, how they work and benefits of joining.

           -Start Your Own Mastermind

Another 53 minutes walking you through the steps of starting your own Mastermind, using the Start Your Mastermind Worksheet, explaining each step, considerations, the essential pieces and best practices.

*1 Worksheet

     -Start Your Own Mastermind Worksheet

* 3 Templates

Once you have your pieces in place, these done-for-you templates will get you started so you can customize them for your group.

     -Mastermind Guidelines Template 

Guidelines are an essential piece to Mastermind groups, they spell out the intentions of the group and provide an anchor to come back to as time progresses and a touchstone should any problems arise. Most problems can be eliminated up front by having a good set of guidelines.

     -Member Prep Sheet Template

A worksheet to customize and provide to your members as a tool to facilitate focus and intention around your meetings.

     -Facilitator Notes Template 

A worksheet to customize and use to keep yourself focused during meetings, a tracking tool and note taking template with prompts to help you remember all the things during your meetings.

Cost: $149

ROCK Your Mastermind Mentorship Package

This package offers you my hand in walking this path from idea (hmmm... what if I started my own Mastermind?) to execution (my Mastermind is launched, filled and meetings are happening).

I provide you all of the digital tools available in the ROCK Your Mastermind Digital Package ($149 value):

     *2 Audio Courses: 

           -What Is A Mastermind and Why Do I Need One?

           -Start Your Own Mastermind

     *Start Your Own Mastermind Worksheet

     *Mastermind Guidelines Template 

     *Member Prep Sheet Template

     *Facilitator Notes Template 

PLUS 2 hours (a $300 value) of 1:1 coaching/mentorship through the course of your Mastermind development and launch.

Cost: $249

Sound like just what you need?


I am throwing in a FREE 30 minute Clarity Session to make sure before you sign up.


Schedule it below and we will get started on your Mastermind. 

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mastermind love

 "I loved the group dynamic, encouragement and accountability that Sheryl's Mastermind Group has provided! Sheryl creates a safe place to dream and scheme all the while gently guiding the group members into action."

— Brenda Yelvington