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Mastermind Groups

Are you reaching for a dream? Aspiring for a goal? Starting something new in your life? Launching or growing your business?

Could you use a little support, accountability, or feedback?

Want a personal board of directors that has your back, who will ask you thought-provoking questions, give you honest feedback and inspire you?

How about a team who is rooting for your success, who will hold you accountable to your heart's desires and who will help you figure out what to do and what is getting in your way? 

A Mastermind is a safe space to talk about what you are working on, get ideas, feedback, support, inspiration, accountability and SO much more. Set meaningful goals and know that the space is set for you to really achieve them, or have a group to help you figure out what is in the way when you don't.

Connect with a group of peers. Step into a space where you can grow your confidence, focus, skills and impact to create the life you are longing for.

mastermind love

 "I loved the group dynamic, encouragement and accountability that Sheryl's Mastermind Group has provided! Sheryl creates a safe place to dream and scheme all the while gently guiding the group members into action."

— Brenda Yelvington

How does it work?

A Mastermind Group is a small group of people who come together on a regular basis with a common focus (such as launching or growing a business) to benefit from the “mastermind” created by the group.

In each call members share about what they are working on, struggles they are having, and ask for input. The group brings their collective brilliance to the table with valuable feedback, ideas, brainstorming, resources and whatever else materializes in the magic of the group.

We go deep with one member on each call, digging into their ideas, challenges and questions. 


Goals are set and followed up on in subsequent calls. The support of setting goals in a group environment, and accountability on the other end creates real aligned action that moves you forward. You'll move faster and more efficiently than on your own.

Groups have access to communication on a daily basis outside of the calls. When in need of support, have a time-sensitive question or discovered a great resource for your Mastermind buddies - you have us on the other end of your smartphone (or computer).

How Can I Join?

Get in touch to find out about the latest Mastermind.

Why Me?

I have a background in building and leading groups to work together toward common goals using each individual’s unique gift of contribution. I really enjoy group problem solving and the magic that materializes when committed members come together to support each other.

The groups I facilitate have shown exactly that magic and more. My approach to leadership is very communal, I believe everyone has gifts to offer and each group creates its own trajectory based on those.

My role as facilitator is to support the group administratively and technically, steer the meetings based on time and agenda, provide input, feedback, ask questions, follow up and allowing the magic to happen as it will.

My intention is to create space for bringing people together to support each other on their journeys.

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